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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are beneficial in search and rescue missions during pure disasters like earthquakes. However, present UAVs depend upon visual information and cannot detect victims trapped underneath rubble. While some research have used sound for detection, the noise from UAV propellers can drown out human sounds. To handle this issue, researchers have developed a novel artificial Technology News … A sort of nanoparticle called a metallic organic framework could probably be used to ship vaccines and act as an adjuvant. Researchers discover these particles provoke a powerful immune response by activating the innate immune system via cell proteins referred to as toll-like …

  • Researchers in Sweden unveiled a brand new concept for producing hydrogen power more effectively, splitting water into oxygen and hydrogen without the damaging risk of blending the 2 gases.
  • Person holding cellphone with webpage of data technology company Accenture plc on display with brand.
  • Massive volcanic events in Earth’s historical past that launched large quantities of carbon into the environment regularly correlate with durations of extreme environmental change and mass extinctions.
  • Ferromagnetism and antiferromagnetism have lengthy been known to scientists as two lessons of magnetic order of materials.
  • Gov. Kay Ivey signed laws Wednesday that shields IVF suppliers from attainable lawsuits and felony prosecutions stemming from a courtroom ruling that equated frozen embryos to children.