6 Ways to Secure the Best Office Copier Lease

Are you in need of an office copier in Tampa and looking to lease one? Have you assessed your expenses but are uncertain if you are getting the best deal? To ensure that you secure the best lease offer, it’s crucial to compare different options. In this article, we will provide you with a few leasing tips and help you evaluate copier leases.

  1. Assess your current printing volume.

Before you lease a copier, it’s essential to know your current printing volume. Knowing this figure will help you choose the right copier, as they are designed to handle specific workloads.

  1. Estimate your monthly payment.

When calculating your monthly payment, consider two primary factors: The first is the cost of the equipment, while the second is the cost of supplies and services. Typically, copier leases cost between $60 and $300 per month, with the average copier machine costing approximately $150 per month. The cost of supplies and services varies depending on the number of prints you make. Knowing your printing volume is essential in estimating this portion of the price, similar to estimating how much fuel you’ll need in a new car.

  1. Color or black and white?

Deciding whether you need a color or black-and-white copier is another critical factor. The lease cost of the printer will prominently feature the cost of supplies and services, not the printing equipment. A 45-page-per-minute device should cost roughly the same as the copier machine itself, but the repair cost of a color copier is usually higher.

  1. Lease Term Length

The length of the lease period is an essential factor in understanding your copier leasing agreement. Leases can last three or five years, with shorter leases having a higher monthly fee and longer leases being cheaper.

  1. Type of copier

Deciding whether to lease a multifunction printer or an office copier is another crucial decision. Compared to office copiers, which stand on the floor, printers are more like desktop devices. If you don’t need 11 x 17 capability and only need to print a small number of pages, we recommend leasing a multifunction printer.

  1. New, used, or rental copier?

The cost of leasing a copier depends on whether you choose a new, used, or rental copier. Used copiers are the least expensive, followed by new and rental copiers, which are typically the most expensive. However, desktop copiers are usually less expensive than leasing a used copier, except for secondhand desktop copiers.

Leasing an office copier can be a complex process, but we can help simplify it for you. Our team can assist you in getting the right lease agreement for the appropriate copier machine and type of copier lease that is suitable for your business.